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Tell us about yourself

Let's find out what sets you apart. We ask you questions—from your lifestyle and diet to current medications—to see which important nutrients you may be missing out on.

Check out your personalized plan Get your daily packs Build a healthy habit
Check out your personalized plan

We use your answers to formulate a supplement pack specifically tailored to your needs. We're here to help you reach your health and wellness goals.

Tell us about yourself Get your daily packs Build a healthy habit
Get your daily packs

You're in control of your plan. We send you a month's worth of vitamins and supplements in every shipment. You can always choose to skip a month as well.

Tell us about yourself Check out your personalized plan Build a healthy habit
Build a healthy habit

Your personalized plan is an easy and convenient way to make sure you're getting the right supplements for your body. If you have any changes in your lifestyle, you can always modify your plan.

Tell us about yourself Check out your personalized plan Get your daily packs
Our nutritionists
the Vitamin Shoppe
Roseanne Schnell, CDN
Certified-Dietitian Nutritionist with a friendly, supportive style of helping you meet your personal wellness goals.
the Vitamin Shoppe
Rebekah Blakely, RDN
Nutritionist with a passion for food, fitness and helping others develop a healthy relationship with food and their bodies.
the Vitamin Shoppe
Carolann Salinardo, MS, CNS, LDN
Clinical Nutritionist with a holistic prospective on wellness, combining whole foods, targeted supplements, and exercise with mind/body practices.
the Vitamin Shoppe
Karen Cooney, MA, CN, CHHC
Nutritionist and board-certified health practitioner with an individualized approach to counseling and providing diet plans for special needs.
the Vitamin Shoppe
Brittany Michels, MS, RDN, LDN
Nutritionist with a holistic consultation strategy for making sure your nutritional needs are being met, and a passion for sports nutrition.
the Vitamin Shoppe
Ayshah Majeed, CN
Nutritionist specializing in helping you create the best version of you, through proper nutrition and supplementation for functionality and overall strength.

Our quality promise

Our proprietary brands are put through 320 rigorous quality assurance steps, and ingredient purity and potency are verified by independent, third-party labs. You can feel confident that all products from The Vitamin Shoppe® family of brands meet or exceed industry quality standards.

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Our Women's Quick Packs can help support optimal health at different life stages, including pre-natal, menopause, and more.
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We believe that everyone deserves good health.

We’re committed to health and nutrition – for you, and for those in need. That’s why for every order you make, we donate $1 to provide life-saving vitamins to pregnant mothers and children in every US State and countries around the world, through our charity partner, Vitamin Angels.

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